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What are the Best Vape Shops in New York?

If you are deciding to vape then you will need to know where to go. Here are the best vape shops in New York.vape shop

Vape NY

If you are looking to quit smoking then this is the best shop to start at. You may find that it will take a while to get the best combo, but the super knowledgeable staff is able to recommend you the perfect device and e-liquid that are able to replace the popular brands of Camel Lights, Marlboro Lights and American Spirits.

They also have some fruity flavors. All of their flavors are made in an FDA registered lab and are tested for harmful ingredients and impurities.

Cloud99 Vapes

If you are new to vaping then you will like this organized shop that is clean and has over 250 flavors to choose from and 50 lines.

The more popular flavors are the candy flavors.

Vape Ya

Vape Ya is one of the newer shops in the city and will video tape you turning in your last pack of smokes as motivation.

This shop is pretty unique with neon accents, a barlike counter and a DJ booth at the back.


If you happen to be in the area and your e-cig and phone run out of juice then this shop will save your life. Customers are able to charge up whilst they vape for free. The shop also encourages customers to try new flavors and whilst it is smaller it is definitely more retail then lounge.

Beyond Vape

Here you are rewarded for being a customer with Yelp and Instagram check-ins earning you 10% off. There house juices are always on buy two get one free and you have the ability to earn up to $300 in rewards.

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