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Smokeless Tobacco Ban is Approved in New York at Sporting Events

Smokeless Tobacco Ban is Approved in New York at Sporting Events

Soon at Citi Field and Yankee Stadium, smokeless tobacco will be off limits to both players and patrons.

The ban on smokeless tobacco at ticketed sporting events has been approved by the New York City Council. This ban is to take effect immediately as soon as the bill is signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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Corey Johnson, a council member said that they are taking tobacco out of baseball in New York. He went on to say that the smoking rates in New York has declined, but chewing tobacco has stayed steady. A harmful message is sent by these athlete role models when they are shown on TV using smokeless tobacco.

Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles are also enacting similar bans.

Andrew Miller, the Yankees setup man said that players would not protest against the issue.

The penalty is thought to match the fine for smoking in New York, which is prohibited in the city. The fine is about $100.

Alternatives are going to be provided by the Players Association. However, the rules on how the ban will be enacted are still not clear. What will happen to a player who chooses to do it or to a fan for instance?

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