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More Smokers Turn To Vaporizers To Quit Smoking

More Smokers Turn To Vaporizers To Quit Smoking

It was all about the vape this year and the trend is continuing as more smokers and nonsmokers are looking at vaporizers to inhale vapor from marijuana, tobacco and other nontobacco-based liquids.vaping

It is estimated that the retail vaping industry is set to reach $3.5 billion. Regulatory hurdles surrounding vaporizers remain, but this hasn’t stopped curious consumers pushing the growth of vaporizers.

The process of vaporizing involves inhaling water vapor through a personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette. The battery heats the liquid, when the device is drawn on and this is changed into inhalable vapor.

More smokers are now turning to vaporizers to help them quit smoking and also save money.

Greg Conley, president of the American Vaping Association says that vaping is appealing to smokers and nonsmokers as they are driven by curiosity. Erik Miller, the owner of Vape Joint in Washington D.C. says that the industry is growing due to customers wanting to quit smoking, but carry on vaping as a hobby.

The Food and Drug Administration though is standing in the way of small businesses specializing in vaporizers and vape liquids as regulation is still pending.

Retailers of vape liquids and some new models of e-cigarettes will need to go through an application and approval process according to proposed federal regulations.

Also, the inability to sell a large assortment of vaporizer liquids will have an effect on small shops that rely on independent manufacturers for their inventory.

At the moment, the FDA does not regulate electronic cigarettes apart from e-cigarettes that are marketed for therapeutic purposes.

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